Visibility and
accountability for



For Grantees

  • Self-Report on grant progress.

  • Build Reputation.

  • Receive more funding.

For Community + Grant Admins

For Community + Grant Admins

  • Stay up-to-date on projects progress.

  • Trigger payments based on milestone completion.

  • Endorse projects, monitor fund usage and flag discrepancies.

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Why are we building this?

Annually, the crypto ecosystem issues grants amounting to millions of dollars. While this funding is crucial for ecosystem growth, it has also introduced a range of issues.

The Grantee Accountability Protocol (GAP) is designed to address these challenges by aiding grantees in building their reputation, assisting communities in maintaining grantee accountability, and enabling third parties to develop applications using this protocol.


Limited Accessibility

Currently, it is challenging for grant teams and the community to easily access and track project progress and milestones, as information is scattered across forums and external links.


Reputation Portability

Grantees who apply for grants from multiple organizations struggle to establish and carry their reputation consistently across the ecosystem. This is particularly difficult for individuals who are new to the ecosystem and need opportunities to showcase their work and build their reputation.


Inadequate Data Structure

The absence of structured data that can be accessed in a permissionless manner hampers the development of applications and analytical tools for evaluating grant impact and builder reputation.